Enhancing Diversity in News & Opinion Aggregators

Aggregators such as Digg, Reddit, and Google News rely on ratings and links to select and present subsets of the large quantity of news and opinion items generated each day. The goals of this research are to:

  1. form alternative measures of diversity for result sets;
  2. develop algorithms for selecting result sets that jointly optimize for diversity and popularity;
  3. assess the impacts of alternative selection and presentation methods on people's willingness to use an aggregation service, their exposure to diverse opinions, and the size of their argument repertoires.

The results of the project will provide a better understanding of alternative notions of what it means for a set of items to be diverse, and the range of reactions that different people have to varying levels and presentations of diversity.

This project was funded by NSF grant #IIS-0916099.



  • Sidharth Chhabra
  • Souneil Park